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August 09, 2018

New Free beta trial versions
Successors of the add-on Pricing Free US-NL are now available in the Google Docs Add-ons store. Both the Pricing Basic US-NL as Pricing Plus US-NL add-on contain 10 different pricing calculators to calculate the price / profit, depending on which variable data you use.

Domain & Individual install
You can install these free add-ons directly from your Google Sheets menu >> Add-ons >> Get add-ons >> Type “profitcontrollers” in Search add-ons, or by using the links:
Pricing Basic US-NL – for analysis of a price calculation per unit
Pricing Plus US-NL – for analysis of turnover calculations with charts Break-even point and Contribution Margin

Setup 2-language
Choose in the app menu for a US (International) or NL (Dutch) setup and then start your favorite pricing calculator.

Extend Sheets with Ease of pricing!
All add-ons are applicable in every company that has to maintain a price list for products and services. And can be used as a separate pricing calculator, as for use in an already opened sheet. Using the sidebar can inform you of the whole price picture.

Support Profit Controllers
You can support us with a thank you gift through the menu and rate us as well. We also appreciate your feedback at

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