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BASIC Controller App

 Insertable Unit Pricing Sheets
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App with 10 price / profit calculators to determine the price and profitability of a product after series discount.
App tool for price information for compiling and maintaining a price list or for control pricing with serial discount.


Calculators (2-language)
Each calculator provides (optional) fields:
– Sales tax% – visible as amount over net price, discount and gross price
– Discount series and discount (or commission) in cash
– List items for the entered and calculated amounts
Analysis pricing in Sidebar

BASIC Controller (2-language)

Small Business & Retail Unit Pricing Calculators

BASIC Controller
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Pricing Basic US-NL
Pricing Calculators
Control Pricing Sales
MarkUp on Cost
01. Cost + Mark-up%
Gross Profit
02. Cost + Gross Profit
App tool for price information
Gross Margin
03. Cost + Gross Margin%
Profit Factor (Multiplier)
04. Cost x Profit Factor
compiling and maintaining
Gross Price (sticker)
05. Cost + Mark-up% (net%)
a price list
Retail Price
06. Cost and Retail Price
or for
Net Sales (Net Price)
07. Cost and Net Sales
control pricing
Sales Price
08. Cost and Sales Price
Keystone Retail
09. Cost + 50% Gross Margin
serial discount
Cost Budget Calculator
10. Gross Margin% and Gross Price

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