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by Evert Vos
Juli 05, 2018

Google Sheets ™ Add-on
The first add-on from Profit Controllers is now available in the G Suite Marketplace. This free trial business tool contains 2 frequently used pricing calculators to set a price.

Download :  Pricing Free US-NL
Setup: Choose in the app menu for a US (International) or Dutch setup and then start your favorite pricing calculator.

Ease of pricing!

The add-on is applicable in every company that has to maintain a price list for products and services. And can be used in Google Sheets, both as a separate pricing calculator, as for use in an already opened sheet, for example a sheet with your price list or cost price calculation.

Soon available.
Successors of this FREE version are approaching. Namely, a BASIC version with 10 different calculators for analysis of your price calculation per unit. And a PLUS version, as an extension to the Basic version, suitable for analysis of turnover calculations with charts Break-even point and Contribution Margin.

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