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App’s menu title:  Control Pricing Sales

Application:  Pricing Calculators (2-language)


Free version:  App with 2 price / profit calculators to determine the price and profitability of a product after a single discount.
App tool for price information for compiling and maintaining a price list or for control single-discount pricing.

Basic version:  App with 10 price / profit calculators to determine the price and profitability of a product after series discount.
App tool for price information for compiling and maintaining a price list or for control pricing with serial discount.

Plus version:  App, similar to the Basic version, extended for extra sales control activities and visualization with ‘Break-even’ and ‘Contribution Margin’ charts after entering the number of units and a proportion of the total fixed costs calculated for the item.
App tool for price information for price lists, check pricing for quotations, or sales and profit info for financial statements.

– The displayed information applies to all developed Beta 1.0 versions.
– In Beta 1.0 versions occasional a rounding difference can occur in a calculation.
– Because of extra discount options in the Basic version, the layout of the Free version differs.

Made for Google Sheets ™

AppMenu (depends on version)
Language:  Setup / reset language selection
Free version:  Choice of 2 calculators
Basic version:  Choice of 10 calculators
Plus version:  Price calculators expanded with revenue calculators
Analysis pricing:  Sidebar with relevant data of a calculation
Charts:  Break-even and Contribution Margin
Number format:  Change number format
Help:  This page

First read the following warning.

A reset always generates a new sheet, in which an existing sheet with the name ‘US-Controller’ or ‘NL-Controller’ is removed.To keep calculation data, you can ‘Duplicate’ the sheet name. This option can be found by clicking on the sheet name with the right mouse button.

Calculators (2-language)
An overview of available calculators (depends on version) can be found in the AppMenu (2-language).
When calculators are used it is assumed that you have agreed to the contents mentioned under ‘Disclaimer of liability’ below.

Use calculators
– Yellow colored cells are REQUIRED.
– The entry must not contain a MIN (-) sign.

Each calculator provides (optional) fields:
– BTW % – visible as amount over net price, discount and gross price.
– Series discount and discount (or commission) in cash.
– Dropdown lists with adjustable list items for the entered and calculated amounts.

Decimal comma
You can only change the number format after a calculator is started. Each calculator starts by default with the setting ‘US English locale’ with the number format 12,345,678.90.
If applicable or desired, users can choose a comma as a decimal point with the menu item ‘Number format’. A number format other than the standard notation is then only applicable in the current calculator.

Numeric keypad
For Dutch users with a numeric keypad a dialog appears with the warning: “Stel de toetsenbordtaal in op: NL”, to manually select the correct compatible keyboard language. The decimal separator point on a numeric keypad then displays a comma.
In Windows 10, this is done as follows: Change the language on the taskbar or “Hold down the Windows key and use the spacebar to change the keyboard language”.

– If a numeric keypad causes an error, the wrong keyboard language setting is probably used.
– When else, reset the layout in your favorite language.
– If a problem persists contact us after trying another browser.

Menu-item: Number format
With menu option ‘NL – 12.345.678.90’ the locale will be changed programmatically. See ‘Decimal comma’.
You can then reset the default number format by choosing menu option ‘US – 12,345,678.90’.
You can also manually switch to decimal point by changing the locale in each country with this number format under Spreadsheet settings / Locale.

Download as
WARNING!  During the conversion with “Download as” Microsoft Excel (.xlsx) or OpenOffice (.ods) the protection of sheets and ranges will be canceled. Use of unsecured sheets as a calculator in Excel and other applications is not recommended. This can lead to mutilation of formulas, with potentially harmful consequences for your company. Therefore, only use the calculators in Google Sheets ™.

Disclaimer of liability
The use of this manual and the app versions described here is entirely at your own risk. Damage resulting from or through the use of the app or calculators can in no way be for the account of the developer or owner or on behalf of any person who is or has been involved in the development.

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